Jul 14 2017 4:32PM
Piss-poor - the Russian authorities’ understanding of Pussy Riot
One of the last times I posted something on Pussy Riot I was waxing lyrical (literally) on what I saw as the underlying radicalism of Pussy Riot’s Situationist-style art-cum-music stunts. I reckon it’s pointless looking at them as “pol...

Russian YouTuber facing prison for playing Pokémon Go

Ruslan Sokolovsky playing Pokemon Go
Ruslan Sokolovsky playing Pokémon Go © YouTube/Ruslan Sokolovsky

21-year-old blogger and law student Ruslan Sokolovsky is facing up to five years in prison for playing Pokémon Go on his phone in a church in Yekaterinburg, central Russia. He is currently being kept under house arrest in Yekaterinburg.

Ruslan filmed himself playing the game on his phone in a church in August. A few weeks later, he was arrested for the youtube post, which allegedly falls foul of laws brought in after Pussy Riot’s famous church protest – laws that limit free speech in religious places.

Nov 17 2014 11:47AM
Pussy Riot selfies v. koala-cuddling photo-ops
Coverage of the G20 summit in Brisbane at the weekend centred on the “frosty” reception given to the Russian president Vladimir Putin by other leaders because of Russia’s involvement in eastern Ukraine . Never mind the Australian summe...
Oct 7 2014 5:58PM
10 presents for Putin
Happy Birthday, Mister President! Vladimir Putin, 62 years old today, will be celebrating his birthday in Siberia , apparently. I have some ideas for presents, should any relatives or friends of the President be searching for last-minu...

Russia: attack on former Pussy Riot members in a McDonald's this morning must be investigated

‘By all accounts, this violent attack appears to have been premeditated by an organised group’ - Sergei Nikitin

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Feb 21 2014 9:08AM
Cracking whips at Sochi: Russia's crackdown on free speech continues
It’s two years today since Pussy Riot climbed the steps to the altar of Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, and ‘performed’, jumping, chanting, with unplugged guitars and microphones. After a minute, they were removed from the church. Tha...

Russia: Sochi arrest of Pussy Riot and other activists condemned

‘In Putin’s Russia, the authorities have turned the Olympic rings … into handcuffs to shackle freedom of expression’ - John Dalhuisen

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Dec 23 2013 4:49PM
Pussy Riot are free, but what about Mikhail Kosenko?
When Pussy Riot member Nadia Tolokonnikova was freed this week in Putin’s much-reported prisoner amnesty, she accused the Russian government of merely putting on “ another show ahead of the Olympics …such is their big desire to prevent...

Russia: harassment of activists set to continue after Pussy Riot and other releases

Releases were ‘a politically-expedient move in the run up to the Sochi Olympics’ - John Dalhuisen

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