Youth Awards (16)
Oct 31 2017 10:02am
Transforming corridor conversations into human rights education
We’re barely three weeks into 2015 and the news is dominated by human ...
Sep 21 2015 6:12pm
Resource Pack: The Power of Our Voices
How have protest songs inspired, informed and united movements and cha...
Sep 18 2015 6:55pm
Lesson plan and resources: Youth Awards Reporting
What are human rights and how can young people defend and promote huma...
Sep 18 2015 6:28pm
Lesson plan and resources: Youth Awards Photography
What makes a powerful human rights photograph? How can students take p...
Sep 1 2015 10:45am
Youth Group Activity Pack - September 2015: Guide to autumn term
A guide to help your youth group to plan for the autumn term.
Jun 23 2015 4:11pm
Amnesty Youth Awards: Creativity in the fight for human rights
Written by Dana Anderson, Youth Awards Communications Volunteer A you...
Apr 24 2015 2:29pm
Britain's talented youth will be celebrated at Amnesty Awards - Weds 29 April
“In a week where we’ve seen such heart-breaking tragedy as a result...
Nov 20 2014 3:40pm
Sir Richard Branson, Kate Nash and Sir Trevor McDonald to judge Amnesty's Youth Awards
Sir Richard Branson - ambassador of Amnesty’s Youth Awards...
Sep 8 2014 3:47pm
The uncertain future of female education in Afghanistan
2001 was a year when many Afghan girls' lives changed. Their homel...