Brexit: Young people worried about losing human rights

Young person holds up EU and Union Jack flag
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As the generation who might be most impacted by Brexit, there’s one distinct feeling weighing down young people: concern.

We spoke to young voters aged 18-25, and found that 79% of those who expressed an opinion would be concerned if they were left with fewer rights after the UK leaves the European Union.

Three-quarters were also worried about the ‘special powers’ being handed to government Ministers during the Brexit process. 

Nov 30 2017 11:47AM
Children’s picture books and human rights
By Nicky Parker, Publisher, Amnesty International UK Why picture books for young children are the perfect place to celebrate human rights We work on life and death matters all over the world. People know us for our campaigning and lobb...

by Catherine Lough


Reading fiction develops our empathy and social understanding which helps us stand up to prejudice and discrimination. This is why we believe that literature is a valuable tool for developing values that uphold our human rights.

Our top best young adult books

Are you passionate about books and human rights?

Check out these great young adult books. Each book explores ideas of tolerance and justice, encouraging you to step into another’s shoes.

Jun 29 2017 5:15PM
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Jun 8 2017 10:00PM
What human rights activists look like
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Amnesty Youth Groups Action - February 2017: Keep Refugee families together

Children are the only refugees in our asylum system who do not have the right to ask that close family members, such as their parents, join them in the UK. In contrast adult refugees in the UK do have the right to apply for their immediate family to join them. This is known as family reunion. Amnesty thinks children should also have the right to family reunion and is asking the UK government to change the current immigration rules.

Youth Advisory Group 2016-17: Applications open now!

Amnesty Youth Advisory Group 2016-17: Applications open now!
Deadline: 24th October 2016

Youth group mailing June 2016: Solidarity with LGBTI community in Tunisia.

Show solidarity with the LGBTI community in Tunisia.

Youth Groups Action - May 2016: Free Khadija Ismayilova

This month we are focussing on Khadija Esmayilova, an award-winning investigative journalist and outspoken government critic in Azerbaijan who has been locked up by the authorities for exposing corruption. She is a prisoner of conscience and must be released immediately.

Youth Groups April 2016 Monthly Action: Free Phyoe Phyoe Aung

This month we are asking you to write to the new President of Burma calling on him to immediately and unconditionally release Phyoe Phyoe Aung and all other political prisoners in the country.

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