Shaker Aamer: 13 years in Guantánamo Bay

Shaker Aamer
Shaker Aamer © Handout

 froShaker Aamer has finally been released after being detained in Guantánamo Bay detention centre without charge or trial for the last 13 years.

The reports come after a 30-day 'notification' period allowing US Congress to be informed of the terms of Shaker Aamer’s release from the US military base.

Oct 30 2015 9:53AM
After more than 13 years, Shaker Aamer has been released from Guantánamo Bay
When I helped organise a protest against Guantánamo Bay in 2007 , I had no idea that I would still be campaigning against it more than eight years later. Or that until today there would still be a British resident held at the notorious...
Oct 6 2015 6:45PM
Refugees Welcome!
Our September meeting, at Liz and Steve's in South Woodham Ferrers, was, as expected, pretty busy.
Sep 30 2015 3:50PM
When Shaker Aamer is released from Guantánamo next month, it will be a strange sort of victory for his family
Over the years the campaign for justice for Shaker Aaker has seemed an almost hopeless one. Turning out with family and supporters to hand-deliver petitions to Downing Street or the US Embassy in London has been a forlorn affair, marke...

Shaker Aamer: reports of return to UK welcomed

Shaker Aamer
Shaker Aamer © Handout
‘His return to his family in Britain won’t come a moment too soon’ - Kate Allen

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Apr 24 2015 7:46PM
Human rights news of the week, 24 April
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Feb 20 2015 11:09PM
Bring Shaker Aamer home from Guantánamo Bay detention centre
Ever since January 2013 we have written at every monthly meeting to the US ambassador demanding a fair trial or Shaker Aamer's release.
Feb 18 2015 1:11PM
3 must-watch videos, 13 lost years: Shaker's story
There’s a superstitious part of me, and a worried part of me. And both parts of me feared last Saturday: it marked thirteen years since Shaker Aamer was airlifted to Guantanamo. My fear is that in Congress, the fear-mongers who are see...
Feb 16 2015 1:17AM
Cupid gets away with wearing a blindfold… but justice needs perfect vision.
Cupid is especially busy on Valentine’s Day, but his methods leave much to chance. The mischievous love god blindfolds himself before firing his arrow through a new lover’s heart. An indiscriminate approach, but those arrows are pretty...
Jan 30 2015 12:54PM
Why I'm running the London Marathon for Amnesty and Shaker Aamer
For human rights campaigners anniversaries are crucial in any campaign – they’re a key moment to highlight the suffering of an individual held in often the most grotesque circumstances. Today is no different. It is my 50th birthday. An...
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