Belhaj case: full judicial investigation into UK involvement in torture now needed

Abdel Hakim Belhaj fought a long legal battle with the UK government over the kidnap and torture he and his wife suffered © AFP/Getty Images
‘We still don’t know the full facts in this deeply-troubling affair’ - Kate Allen Responding to a statement in the House of Commons by the Attorney General Jeremy Wright on the settlement of a civil case against the UK Government brought by the Libyan national Abdel Hakim Belhaj and his wife, Fatima Boudchar, Amnesty International UK’s Director, Kate Allen, said: “The UK Government’s acceptance that they were involved in the terrible abuse suffered in this case is welcome. “For years the UK Government has tried to keep this case behind closed doors and close it down, apparently fearful of what

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Today's CIA rendition cases at European Court are 'last chance' for truth

One of the planes known to have been used by the CIA in its rendition programme © Toni Marimon/AFP/Getty Images
'Romania and Lithuania have never been held accountable for their direct involvement in CIA rendition and secret detention' - Julia Hall

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Commons rendition debate should prompt Government to allow torture inquiry

The US-led 'war on terror' led to a whole programme of torture to which the UK became party © Amnesty International
Why a judicial inquiry is needed into UK involvement in rendition and torture – joint-NGO statement ahead of the adjournment debate in Parliament on 29 June 2016

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Feb 12 2015 4:01PM
Guantánamo’s Alice in Wonderland justice system
They’ve been cast into a black hole, left in legal limbo, made to appear before a kangaroo court. Over the years commentators have reached for various images to describe what happens to detainees in the lawless, extra-judicial world of...
Feb 2 2015 2:35PM
Death disco: music, torture and the diary of Mojamedou Ould Slahi
Reading about the Guantánamo diarist Mojamedou Ould Slahi’s experiences of being tortured by the US military, two things leap out. One is that he seems to have been targeted for sexual assault by a female interrogator/torturer. And the...

Court of Appeal decision in Belhaj rendition case welcomed

Abdul Hakim Belhaj alleges he was detained and tortured with the active involvement of UK officials © AFP/Getty Images
‘British officials have got their paw prints all over this case’ - Kate Allen

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Aug 4 2014 12:14PM
We tortured some folks ...
Barack Obama’s now rather famous phrase from the end of last week is quite something. As others have observed , it’s not the first time he’s referred to the mistreatment of detainees during the USA’s “war on terror” as torture (though...

Government accused of 'scraping legal barrel' in Belhaj rendition case

Suspected CIA rendition plane leaving Palma de Mallorca airport in 2004 © TONI MARIMON/AFP/Getty Images

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UK: decision to hand torture inquiry to intelligence committee strongly criticised

‘Today’s announcement is yet another effort by the UK to shirk its responsibility to get at the full truth’ - John Dalhuisen

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Poland grants 'injured person' status to Guantánamo detainee over torture allegations

Poland ‘must have the political courage to tell the truth about the CIA secret site and what happened there’

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