Human rights (298)
Jun 11 2018 12:56pm
Human Rights and Environmentalism – At Croydon Environmental Fair
Last weekend, the Croydon group attended the Croydon Enviromental Fair...
Jun 6 2018 1:49pm
Never Forget Never Give Up– 29th Anniversary of Tiananmen
On Sunday the 3rd of June, 7pm-9pm, over 40 people gathered in front o...
May 11 2018 4:10pm
We're swimming for refugees – Will you join us?
More than 3.5 million refugees are currently living in Turkey. Most of...
May 11 2018 4:07pm
Swim for Refugees
May 5 2018 5:39pm
Liu Xia's current situation
According to the phone call from a friend of Liu Xia and late Liu Xiao...
Apr 26 2018 10:00am
Crunch time: the Brexit Bill and human rights
By Rachel Logan, Amnesty UK's Law and Human Rights Programme Director ...
Mar 13 2018 5:44pm
The Amnesty CILIP Honour winners 2016
At last! We’re extremely proud to announce the inaugural winners of ou...
Mar 6 2018 5:32pm
Brave: Supporting Human Rights Defenders from Croydon
Following a great start to the New Year, February was time to host our...
Feb 26 2018 3:42pm
USA: Banned Trump hair adverts to be driven round Washington
‘We want to send a message to Washington – there’s a storm brewing’ - ...
Feb 22 2018 9:44am
Brexit bill set to 'substantially reduce rights in the UK', Amnesty annual report warns
The EU Withdrawal Bill is set to significantly reduce human rights pro...