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Forced eviction (70)
Mar 11 2019 10:01am
Urgent Action: Indigenous community attacked by armed men
The Ysati Indigenous community in the district of Itakyry (department ...
    Feb 14 2019 11:35am
    Urgent Action update: Over two thousand people risk forced eviction
    The Deep Sea Community in Nairobi, Kenya is once again at imminent ris...
      Dec 21 2018 2:59pm
      Urgent Action good news: 200 families no longer at risk of forced eviction
      Families from the Guahory Community, Eastern Paraguay, are no longer a...
        Jul 26 2018 5:01pm
        Italy: 'Cruel and callous' Roma eviction defies European Court ruling
        Italian authorities have today evicted dozens of families from a long-...