Circle of Conscience (8)
Aug 5 2014 11:05am
Standing up to abuses in the coal-mining communities of India
‘I had never imagined that this could happen to me. I thought, ‘Now...
    Aug 4 2014 10:54am
    Circle of Conscience
      Jul 22 2014 12:36pm
      'My life is in constant danger' - campaigning in Gambia
      I’ve just spoken to a human rights activist working in Gambia. Just pu...
      Jul 21 2014 2:19pm
      Campaign for International Justice
      Our Campaign for International Justice demands justice, truth and full...
        Jul 14 2014 5:20pm
        Nigeria: Justice awarded to Port Harcourt community
        No one knows exactly how many people died at the hands of the Niger...
          Jul 10 2014 10:17am
          China: Li Yan’s death sentence overturned in landmark decision
          In a landmark decision the Supreme Court in China has overturned the d...
            Jun 11 2014 4:39pm
            Nabeel Rajab: "Your work has given me hope"
            I am Nabeel Rajab, President of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (B...
            Mar 7 2014 11:40am
            Circle of Conscience
            Join us for justice and human rights for all As a member of Amnest...