Chen Guangcheng (8)
Jan 22 2016 9:00am
Chen Guangcheng and Christian Bale
Listen to Chen Guangcheng's story   You’re under house arrest in C...
    Jun 4 2014 7:11pm
      May 23 2013 4:49pm
      Where is Chen Guangcheng now?
      I met Chen Guangcheng this week. I can’t quite believe it. It’s not so...
      Oct 11 2012 12:15pm
      Free Chinese housing rights activist, Ni Yulan
      Update 11/10/2013: Ni Yulan was released from prison on 5 October. ...
      Jun 1 2012 3:54pm
      No easy walk in (Central?) park for the barefoot lawyer
      Does it ever stop for Chen Guangcheng? He is one of the most iconic...
      May 17 2012 10:19am
      News Alert: Shandong Police Torture Chen Guangfu, Brother of Chen Guangcheng; Relatives Live in Fear
      China Human Rights Briefing: Special Edition   May 16, 2012   ...
      Apr 27 2012 6:12pm
      The great escape - Chen Guangcheng flees house arrest
      Chen Guangcheng, the blind human rights activist and long-time Amnesty...
      Feb 29 2012 4:16pm
      We are supporting Chen Guancheng
      Since his release from prison on 9 September 2010 Chinese human rights...