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Art for Amnesty (6)
Nov 23 2018 4:17pm
REBELLION – so much more than a cute t-shirt
Art is so nourishing for activists. It contributes to encapsulating th...
Nov 14 2018 2:08pm
Interview with Bambi: Social crusade
When did you first use a spray can? I was nine years old. My birthd...
Jun 8 2017 10:00pm
The 50 best protest songs ever
Protest songs have appeared in popular music since before most can rem...
Jun 8 2017 10:00pm
The best human rights films
We're lucky to live in a time when documentary makers have an amazing ...
Mar 16 2016 5:28pm
Human rights in the Kate Greenaway and Carnegie Medal shortlists
What a joy to see the outstanding books on these shortlists, all chose...
Feb 5 2016 6:23am
Art works for Amnesty
Amnesty International has always used strong visual images to explain ...