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Join the Asylum Justice Project

Asylum Justice Project consists of a group of Amnesty International UK activists based throughout the country campaigning on UK asylum and refugee issues

The project is currently focused on ending the practice of Indefinite Detention, and campaigning for the government to reduce use of detention for immigration reasons overall.

The state of the world’s human rights in 2017

You said no to hate. You said no to fear. You said no to a world without human rights.

While world leaders pushed hate, fought against rights, ignored horrific crimes against humanity, and let inequality and suffering go on, there was another side to human rights abuses in 2017. That is the story of people coming together to protest, to rise up and challenge those in power, remind them that they are powerful.

Dec 20 2017 4:09PM
10 inspiring Instagrammers to follow in 2018
These individuals or groups are challenging the system in their own unique way, and aspiring to change the world for the better.

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