Supporter Survey | Amnesty International UK

This is the intro to the supporter Survey


1. What would you say most motivated you to support Amnesty?
2. Which part of Amnesty’s work do you think is most important?
3. Which of the areas below are you most interested in?

4. How do you feel about the following statements
The UK should abide by international human rights laws
Human rights are a made-up idea that have nothing to do with real life
We should strictly uphold the human rights of everybody, even those that wish us harm
Human rights are a privilege that people should lose when they infringe the rights of others

And finally a bit more about you:

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What is Pocket Protest? Pocket Protest is our SMS Action Network. It's made up of more than 150,000 passionate people who use their mobile phone to defend free speech and stand up for human rights.
As soon as we hear of someone in urgent need of your support – an outspoken blogger who has disappeared, a prisoner denied treatment for a life-threatening illness, women's rights campaigners harassed by the police – we'll contact you by SMS (text) message with details of the case. You’ll receive urgent actions by text.