Student Action Network (StAN) Committee

Each year the Student Action Network Committee is elected at the Amnesty Student Conference. Any member of an affiliated student group can run to be on the committee at Student Conference!

Who are the StAN committee?

  • The committee consists of 8 current students who act as our students first point of call and represent the Student Network to the rest of the Amnesty movement.

  • StAN are highly committed and enthusiastic students, dedicated to both human rights and Amnesty.

  • They support student activists at both national and regional events, as well as throughout the year.

  • They lead on fundraising and campaign projects, directly inputting and implementing the strategy for the student network.

Committee members need to:

  • Be available to attend a mandatory handover and induction weekend on December 8th & 9th in London (expenses are covered by Amnesty UK).

  • Be available to attend  6 committee meetings throughout the year which always take place at weekends.

  • Have enthusiasm and dedication to Amnesty's work.

  • Commit to attend key Amnesty events throughout the year such as Amnesty UK’s National Conference & AGM in April 2018 and Action For Change in June 2018 and Amnesty UK’s National Student Conference.

  • Commit to becoming an individual student member of Amnesty International if elected.

What we provide for committee members:

  • The opportunity to feed into the development of Amnesty UK especially the Student Network.

  • Training and support from Amnesty UK staff.

  • An abundance of personal development opportunities!

  • Facilitated meetings throughout the year.

  • Full reimbursement of expenses.

To run for election you need to:

  • Be a member of an affiliated Amnesty Student Group.

  • Complete a nomination form (attached below). Forms will also be available from the information point at the Conference.

  • Submit a completed nomination form by the deadline, 7.45pm on Saturday 3rd November, by emailing or handing it to the information point at the Conference.

  • Be prepared to give a one-minute speech explaining why people should vote for you on Sunday 4th November.

How does voting work?

  • Each affiliate group will need to decide who they want to vote for. Each group can vote for 8 candidates and each vote will be counted.

Please note: only groups that have affiliated with Amnesty UK, having paid its annual affiliation fee, will be eligible to vote in the StAN Committee election.

If you need to re-affiliate or are not sure of your group’s current status, please get in touch by emailing An affiliation form was included in your Freshers Pack and can be downloaded below.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about what it’s like to be a member of the StAN committee, please get in touch with the committee at

Student Action Network (StAN) AGM

The Student Action Network (StAN) Annual General Meeting (AGM) takes place each year at Student Conference. This is an opportunity for each student to have a say and to engage in the democracy and governance of Amnesty International UK, by putting forward and voting on motions.

Motions can cover the management and governance of Student Action Network, for example the committee size, how the committee contacts groups, how they represent the student voice within Amnesty UK or future network events.

The Student Action Network is part of Amnesty UK and so any formal changes to the Terms of Reference [see below] will need to be agreed by the Board of Amnesty UK as well.

Student groups and individual members can also take motions to the Annual General Meeting of Amnesty International UK in April and that is the meeting that discusses and agrees current or potential campaign areas and policy.  Note that as a network StAN cannot take a resolution to the National AGM of Amnesty UK.

If motions are passed they give the StAN Committee a mandate in which to campaign and voice student opinions within the structures of AIUK.

You can only submit and vote on motions if your group is currently affiliated to Amnesty International UK, having paid its annual affiliation fee. If you need to re-affiliate or are not sure of your group’s current status, please get in touch by emailing An affiliation form was included in your Freshers Pack and can be downloaded below.

If you are interested in putting forward a motion please contact by Monday 22nd October.

It is important to note that the StAN Committee cannot take motions forward to the wider Amnesty UK AGM, but they can campaign on the issue and support individuals to do so if necessary. For example, the StAN committee could support a student to put forward a motion at the Amnesty AGM with consent and if the student for whatever reason could not attend the AGM in person, the StAN committee could speak on their behalf.

Student Group Affiliation Form
Role Description.pdf
Student Action Network Terms of Reference.pdf
STAN Nomination Form 2018.docx
Delegate Pack.pdf