Urgent Action: Seven people killed in Cauca, Colombia

Seven bodies, were found piled on a road of the municipality of Argelia, in the southwest region of Cauca, Colombia.

UA 128/18 issued 06/07/2018

Urgent Action: Indigenous people threatened and displaced in Colombia

Over 200 indigenous Nasa Embera Chamí are currently displaced following an armed attack to a member of their community.

UA 112/18 issued 11/06/2018

Urgent Action Update: Yet another environmental defender killed in Colombia

In less than a week, two members of the Ríos Vivos (Living Rivers) Movement have been killed in Antioquia, Colombia

1st Update on UA 088/18 issued 10/05/2018

Urgent Action: Environmental defender killed in Colombia, others at risk

A member of the Ríos Vivos (Living Rivers) Movement was killed on the same day the group carried out an all-day march

UA 088/18 issued 07/05/2018

Urgent Action: Two Afro-descendant defenders criminalized in Colombia

Community leaders and human rights defenders have been unjustly detained and accused of charges they did not commit.

UA 85/18 issued 07/05/2018

Urgent Action: Indigenous Yukpa people in Colombia face eviction to Venezuela

Yukpa indigenous people that crossed to Colombia are facing eviction and threat of being sent back to Venezuela.

UA 59/18 issued 16/03/2018

Urgent Action: Bombing near indigenous territory in Chocó, Colombia

Nearby communities are currently forcibly displaced as fear of new operations threaten the population.

UA 022/18 issued 13/01/2018

Urgent Action Update: Killings of land claimant leaders

Two land claimant leaders of collective Afro-descendent territories in Chocó have been killed by paramilitary groups.

UA 268/17 issued on 11/12/2017

Urgent Action: Leader of peace community threatened

Paramilitary groups continue incursions and threats against the people of the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó

UA 263/17 issued 05/12/2017

Urgent Action Update: Confined communities in Riosucio, Chocó

Several Embera Indigenous communities and the Afro-descendent community of Taparal find themselves confined and terrified

3rd Update on UA 178/17 issued on 05/12/2017