Urgent Action: Human rights defender at risk

Danelly Estupiñan has been followed by two unknown men for the past seven months because of her human rights work.

UA 91/19 issued 01/07/2019

Urgent Action: Families at risk of forced eviction

18 people residing in a sports facility temporary shelter since a flooding devastated their homes are at risk of eviction

UA 57/19 issued 03/05/2019

Urgent Action: Thousands in need of urgent protection

People from Indigenous and Afro-descendant communities in Bojayá, Chocó face live-threatening forced displacement risks.

UA 52/19 issued 18/04/2018

Urgent Action: Venezuelan refugees persecuted and deported

On 17 March, police and immigration officers arbitrarily detained 14 Venezuelan refugees (three women and 11 men).

UA 40/19 issued 28/03/2019

Urgent Action update: Woman attacked for seeking justice for son

On 11 January, two unidentified men in a motorbike shot three times at the car in which Alfamir Castillo was.

2nd update on UA 296/12 issued 15/01/2019

Urgent Action: Land claimant leader at risk

Enrique Cabezas has received several threats in response to his work defending the ancestral territory.

UA 207/18 issued 06/12/2018

Urgent Action: Several indigenous organizations threatened in Colombia

The National Indigenous Organization of Colombia (ONIC) reported that several threatening pamphlets were found.

UA 182/18 issued 12/10/2018

Urgent Action update: Two relatives of environmental members killed in Colombia

On 22 September, two relatives of members of the Rios Vivos Movement were killed in Antioquia, Colombia.

2nd update on UA 88/18 issued 26/09/2018

Urgent Action: Seven people killed in Cauca, Colombia

Seven bodies, were found piled on a road of the municipality of Argelia, in the southwest region of Cauca, Colombia.

UA 128/18 issued 06/07/2018

Urgent Action: Indigenous people threatened and displaced in Colombia

Over 200 indigenous Nasa Embera Chamí are currently displaced following an armed attack to a member of their community.

UA 112/18 issued 11/06/2018