Urgent Action: Bombing near indigenous territory in Chocó, Colombia

Nearby communities are currently forcibly displaced as fear of new operations threaten the population.

UA 022/18 issued 13/01/2018

Urgent Action Update: Killings of land claimant leaders

Two land claimant leaders of collective Afro-descendent territories in Chocó have been killed by paramilitary groups.

UA 268/17 issued on 11/12/2017

Urgent Action: Leader of peace community threatened

Paramilitary groups continue incursions and threats against the people of the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó

UA 263/17 issued 05/12/2017

Urgent Action Update: Confined communities in Riosucio, Chocó

Several Embera Indigenous communities and the Afro-descendent community of Taparal find themselves confined and terrified

3rd Update on UA 178/17 issued on 05/12/2017

Urgent Action Update: Risk of forced displacement in Chocó, Colombia

Indigenous governor killed by armed men. The community is at risk of forced displacement following this violence.

2nd update on UA 178/17 issued 26/10/2017

Urgent Action update: Indigenous peoples in Chocó danger in Colombia

Clashes between paramilitary groups, the National Liberation Army and state security forces continue to violate the rights of the Wounaan and Embera Indigenous peoples in Chocó, western Colombia, generating an imminent humanitarian and security crisis.

1st update on UA 178/17 issued 31/08/2017

Urgent Action: Wounaan indigenous community in danger in Colombia

Presence and clashes between paramilitary groups, the National Liberation Army and state security forces continue to violate the rights of Indigenous communities in Chocó, in the Pacific region of Colombia.

UA 178/17 issued 20/07/2017

Urgent Action: Police use tear gas on peaceful protestors in Colombia

Residents of the city of Buenaventura in Colombia have reported police repression, including the use of tear gas, at peaceful protests that began on 16 May.

UA 117/17 issued 24/05/2017

Urgent Action update: Continued paramilitary presence in Chocó, Colombia

Residents of Puerto Lleras, Jiguamiandó collective territory in the department of Chocó, report threats and raids from paramilitaries near the Humanitarian Zone of Pueblo Nuevo, putting all the inhabitants at risk.

1st update on UA 62/17 issued 18/04/2017

Urgent Action: Paramilitary invasion of humanitarian zones in Colombia

Inhabitants of the Jiguamiandó river basin have reported the presence of paramilitary groups in their territory. The increase in paramilitary activity in these humanitarian zones is putting the Indigenous and Afro-Colombian residents at risk.

UA 062/17 issued on 22/03/2017