Nine activists jailed for protesting

Eight activists have been held in detention since Nov for exercising their free expression. They are on hunger strike.

First UA: 171/19

First Update: Defender kept in forced psychiatric detention

An Uzbekistani blogger's forced detainment in a psychiatric hospital has been extended by a court.

First update on UA: 139/10

First Update: Professor at risk of arrest, remains on no-fly list

Professor granted conditional bail still remains at risk of re-arrest and lengthy sentencing on trumped-up charges.

First update on UA: 148/19

Opposition leader at risk of torture

A Cuban opposition leader has been held in detention for over 40 days without being informed of the charges against him.

First update on UA: 134/19

First Update: Housing rights researcher in detention after enforced disappearance

A missing Egyptian housing rights researcher appeared in a court in Cairo are 167 days enforced disappearance.

First update on UA: 104/19

First update: Rights defender facing trumped-up charges

A Crimean activist's military trial has begun in Russia, in violation of international law and his right to a fair trial.

First update on UA: 150/19

Second update: Young men appealing deplorable sentence

Three young men were convicted for their peaceful expression following allegations of torture and other ill-treatment.

Second update on UA: 48/19

Women activists face prison sentences

11 Saudi women activists on trial risk prison sentences for their activism.

Second update on UA: 105/18

Free author Ahmet Altan

Renowned Turkish author and former newspaper editor was re-detained after a court overturned the decision to release him.

First UA: 166/19

Outcome: University lecturer released

Ethiopian university teacher was released after three months imprisonment for writing a book he claims no involvement in.

Outcome UA: 123/19