Urgent Action: Human rights lawyer, activists arbitrarily detained in Tanzania

Thirteen health and human rights activists, including two South Africans and one Ugandan, have been detained.

UA 244/17 issued 23/10/2017

Urgent Action update: Drop charges against human rights defenders in Israel/OPT

Farid al-Atrash and Issa Amro are facing their next two court hearings on 29 October and 5 November.

1st update on UA 278/16 issued 23/10/2017

Urgent Action: Iranian prisoner of conscience critically ill

Mohammad Nazari, who has been unjustly languishing in prison for over two decades, is critically ill.

UA 242/17 issued 23/10/2017

Urgent Action: Death threats for human rights lawyer in India

Dalit lawyer and human rights defender, Rajat Kalsan, faces fabricated charges and death threats due to his work.

UA 243/17 issued 23/10/2017

Urgent Action: Taiwan NGO worker faces life imprisonment in China

Lee Ming-cheh was seen “confessing” on camera to charges of “subversion” during his trial.

3rd update on UA 71/17 issued 23/10/2017

Urgent Action update: Activists indicted for peaceful assembly in Thailand

Five student activists, a land rights activist and two human rights lawyers face six months imprisonment and unfair trial

3rd update on UA 290/16 issued 20/10/2017

Urgent Action update: Lesotho soldiers risk facing a fresh trial

The Court Martial of the Lesotho Defence Forces (LDF) soldiers facing mutiny charges been postponed.

4th update on UA 263/15 issued 20/10/2017

Ugent Action Update: Fifteen released, five still arbitrarily detained in South Sudan

Fifteen of the 21 released. Five men remain arbitrarily detained at the NSS headquarters, while one has been charged.

7th Update on UA 087/16 issued 19/10/2017

Urgent Action: Man held in South Sudan in poor conditions, denied family visits

James Gatdet, who was unlawfully transferred from Kenya, has been charged with several offenses among them ‘Treason’

UA 240/17 issued 19/10/2017

Urgent Action good news: Texas court issues stay of execution

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has granted a stay of execution to Clinton Young, who was due to be put to death.

1st update on UA 230/17 issued 18/10/2017