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Five activists arrested after illegal raid

Five activists were arrested during an illegal raid. The activists claim security forces committed multiple violations.

First UA: 19/20

Ombudsman's life at risk over death threats

An Ecuadorian Ombudsman's life is at risk in retaliation for his human rights work. He and his family must be protected.

First UA: 22/20

Minor on trial over social media posts

A Yemeni teen-refugee in Jordan is being tried for “blasphemy” and “insulting religious feelings” for social media posts.

First UA: 15/20

Journalist jailed and at risk of torture

A journalist is being held in pre-trial detention on false charges of "inciting religious discord" for his work.

First UA: 17/20

Venezuela: Prisoner of conscience's life at great risk

A 60-year-old Venezuelan labour rights activist with hypertension is being denied medical treatment in prison.

First UA: 004/20

Singer arrested for hurting religious sentiment

A popular Bangladeshi folk singer faces up to five years in prison for saying music is not forbidden by the Qu'ran.

First UA: 18/20

Eighth update: Activist reports ill-treatment in prison

Iranian officials subjected human rights defender Narges Mohammadi to ill-treatment during her transfer to Zanjan Prison.

Eighth update on UA: 105/15

Benin: Journalist sentenced for "harassment"

A Benin court has sentenced a journalist for "harassment" for quoting the Public Prosecutor in a tweet.

First UA: 8/20

Chad: Human rights defender held incommunicado

The President of the Chadian Human Rights Organization was taken by armed men on 24 Jan and is being held incommunicado.

First UA: 7/20

India: Four men at risk of imminent execution

Amnesty is calling for the death sentences of four convicted men to be commuted.

First UA: 05/20