Urgent Action update: Uyghur woman held incommunicado for 2 years

Buzainafu Abudourexiti continues to be held in incommunicado detention after she was suddenly detained in March 2017.

1st Update on UA 222/17 Issued 29/07/2019

Urgent Action update: A decade in jail for defying forced veiling

Prisoners of conscience jailed solely because of their peaceful campaigning against discriminatory forced veiling laws.

1st Update on UA 096/19 Issued 08/08/2019

Urgent Action: Researcher forcibly disappeared

Ibrahim Ezz El-Din, a housing rights researcher with an NGO, was arrested by security forces and forcibly disappeared.

UA 104/19 Issued 26/07/2019

Urgent Action update: Land defenders in Río Blanco still at risk

On 16 July, COPINH reported new attacks that affected at least 25 families of the community of Río Blanco, Honduras.

1st Update on UA 064/19 Issued 22/07/2019

Urgent Action: Activist held incommunicado for months

Yang Zhengjun, a prominent workers’ rights activist has been held incommunicado since 8 January 2019.

UA 067/19 Issued 26/07/2019

Urgent Action: Man with claims of innocence at risk of execution

Larry Swearingen has been on death row in Texas, USA since 2000 and is scheduled to be executed on 21 August 2019.

UA 108/19 Issued 02/08/2019

Urgent Action: Newspaper editor detained without charge

On 15 July 2019, Michael Rial Christopher, South Sudanese newspaper editor was taken off a flight to Kenya and arrested.

UA 101/19 Issued 25/07/2019

Urgent Action update: Lawyer of Xinca people still under threat

Quelvin Jimenez reported that a group of people, carrying weapons, disrupted a meeting of the Xinca Indigenous people.

1st Update on UA 063/19 Issued 17/07/2019

Urgent Action update: Filmmaker charged, health concerns remain

Min Htin Ko Ko Gyi, a prominent filmmaker, has been formally charged after being detained for more than three months.

1st Update on UA 081/19 Issued 25/07/2019

Urgent Action update: Jailed journalists on hunger strike

Iranian journalists Sanaz Alahyari and Amirhossein Mohammadifar have been on hunger strike since 4 July.

1st Update on UA 095/19 Issued 17/07/2019