Urgent Action update: Activists cleared of charges, two awaiting trial in Niger

Three activists were released on 5 October. Two other activists are still awaiting trial in Zinder.

1st update on UA 93/18 issued 11/10/2018

Urgent Action: Venezuela councilman dies in custody of intelligence service

Fernando Albán, councilman for Primero Justicia, died while in custody of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service.

UA 181/18 issued 09/10/2018

Urgent Action: Egyptian's arbitrary detention renewed

Islam Khalil, a former victim of an enforced disappearance, has been held in pre-trial detention on trumped-up charges.

UA 176/18 issued 05/10/2018

Urgent Action: Environmental defender's home set on fire in Ecuador

Environmental defender Margoth Escobar could be at risk after her home was intentionally set on fire.

UA 179/18 issued 05/10/2018

Urgent Action: Uighur man in UAE faces forcible return to China

Abudujilili Supi, a Uighur man who has been working as a muezzin in Dubai, was taken away by Emirati police officers.

UA 178/18 issued 05/10/2018

Urgent Action: Activist shot by police denied proper medical care in Indonesia

Papuan political activist, Yakonias Womsiwor has been suffering from severe pain in both his legs for more than two weeks

UA 177/18 issued 03/10/2018

Urgent Action: Teacher trade unionist in need of medical care in Iran

Imprisoned Iranian teacher and trade unionist Mohammad Habibi is being denied urgent specialized medical care.

UA 174/18 issued 01/10/2018

Urgent Action: Farm workers in Indonesia face imprisonment for insulting flag

Two farm workers, Sawin and Sukma, were arrested and detained for “insulting the national flag”, which they deny.

UA 173/18 issued 01/10/2018

Urgent Action: Chinese refugees at risk of refoulement from Thailand

Two human rights defenders and UNHCR-recognized refugees, have been charged with immigration offences in Thailand.

UA 175/18 issued 28/09/2018

Urgent Action update: Human rights activists in the DRC sentenced in unfair trial

Amnesty International believes that the court’s decision against the four human rights activists is baseless.

2nd update on UA 138/18 issued 28/09/2018