Urgent Action: Hundreds left homeless by forced evictions in Uganda

Ugandan soldiers have been forcibly evicting communities in the Apaa area. So far, more than 250 homes have been burnt.

UA 96/18 issued 15/05/2018

Urgent Action: Three land defenders killed in Guatemala, others at risk

Three land and territory defenders from different communities in Guatemala were killed in less than a week.

UA 97/18 issued 14/05/2018

Urgent Action update: Defender's detention extended again in Russia

The pre-trial detention of Oyub Titiev has been extended for another month, until 9 June.

2nd update on UA 5/18 issued 14/05/2018

Urgent Action: Five activists arrested for organising protests in Niger

Five activists were arrested between 15 and 25 April in Niger.

UA 93/18 issued 14/05/2018

Urgent Action: Intellectual disability claim as execution set in Texas, USA

Courts have rejected the claim of intellectual disability and the execution has been set for 2st 1 June.

UA 100/18 issued 16/05/2018

Urgent Action: Violent disruption threatens Equality Festival in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Police advised the organizers of the Equality Festival to move it away from the city centre

UA 099/18 issued 16/05/2018

Urgent Action: Forcibly married, raped girl sentenced to death in Sudan

Nineteen year old, Noura Hussein Hamad Daoud, was sentenced to death on 10 May for killing her husband in self-defence.

UA 95/18 issued 15/05/2018

Urgent Action update: Guantánamo transfer policy under wraps

The US Secretary of Defense has sent the White House his policy recommendations on detainee transfers to Guantánamo.

1st update on UA 42/18 issued 11/05/2018

Urgent Action good news: Ankara pride march no longer at risk

The student-organized Pride march gathering hundreds of university students went ahead peacefully on 11 May.

1st update on UA 83/18 issued 11/05/2018

Urgent Action: Peaceful protester in pre-trial detention in Russia

On 7 May, Dzerzhinsky District Court in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, remanded Mikhail Tsakunov in pre-trial detention.

UA 90/18 issued 10/05/2018