Urgent Action: 18 months in prison for mosque noise complaint in Indonesia

Meliana, a Buddhist, has been sentenced to 18 months for complaining about the loudspeaker volume at a local mosque.

UA 161/18 issued 30/08/2018

Urgent Action: Istanbul vigils must be allowed to take place

Police in Istanbul used unnecessary and excessive force to disperse people taking part in a longstanding weekly vigil.

UA 162/18 issued 29/08/2018

Urgent Action update: Iranian Kurd facing imminent execution

Ramin Hossein Panahi, was moved to Raja’i Shahr prison in preparation for his execution.

4th update on UA 171/17 issued 29/08/2018

Urgent Action: Businessman arbitrarily detained for 4 months in South Sudan

Kerbino Agok Wol, a South Sudanese businessman and philanthropist, has been languishing in detention since 27 April.

UA 159/18 issued 29/08/2018

Urgent Action: South Sudanese activist arbitrarily detained

Bashir Ahmed Mohamed Babiker, a member of the South Sudanese civil society, was arrested by the National Security Service

UA 147/18 issued 27/08/2018

Urgent Action good news: Tajikistani prisoner of conscience released

Khairullo (Khayrullo) Mirsaidov was released in the courtroom, after spending more than eight months behind bars.

1st update on UA 139/18 issued 24/08/2018

Urgent Action: Prisoner at risk of losing eyesight in Kazakhstan

Muratbek Tungishbayev risks losing sight in his left eye due to failure to provide him with necessary medical care.

UA 157/18 issued 24/08/2018

Urgent Action: Christians sentenced for practising their faith in Iran

Four Iranian Christians have been sentenced to a combined total of 45 years in prison solely for practising their faith.

UA 156/18 issued 23/08/2018

Urgent Action update: Nebraska conducts first execution since 1997

The US state of Nebraska carried out its first execution in 21 years on 14 August, and the first by lethal injection.

1st update on UA 136/18 issued 20/08/2018

Urgent Action: Fears for prisoner of conscience in Vietnam after death threat

Human rights defender Tran Thi Nga was recently beaten up and has received a death threats from another inmate.

UA 155/18 issued 20/08/2018