Urgent Action Update: NGO worker’s administrative detention renewed in Israel

Israel court confirmed the renewal of the administrative detention of NGO worker and lawyer Salah Hammouri

2nd Update on UA 226/17 issued 24/07/2018

Urgent Action: Independent journalist must be immediately released in Tajikistan

On 11 July, independent journalist and comedian Khairullo (Khayrullo) Mirsaidov was sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment

UA 139/18 issued 23/07/2018

Urgent Action Good News: Ohio governor commutes death sentence in USA

On 20 July, the Governor of Ohio commuted the death sentence of Raymond Tibbetts

1st Update on UA 123/18 issued 20/07/2018

Urgent Action: 200 families at risk of forced eviction in Paraguay

200 families are at imminent risk of forced eviction in the Guahory Campesino Community, Caaguazú department.

UA 137/17 issued 20/07/2018

Urgent Action: First execution in Nebraska since 1997 looms

The State of Nebraska is set to carry out its first execution in 21 years on 14 August.

UA 136/18 issued 20/07/2018

Urgent Action: Iranian in Belarus at risk of imminent deportation

Iranian citizen Mehrdad Jamshidian, who suffers from acute ill-health, is at imminent risk of deportation to Iran.

UA 135/18 issued 20/07/2018

Urgent Action update: Hands and feet of lawyer cuffed to iron chair in China

Jailed lawyer Jiang Tianyong continues to endure deplorable prison conditions, resulting in further deterioration.

3rd update on UA 141/17 issued 20/07/2018

Urgent Action update: Texas conducts its eight execution of 2018

Christopher Young was executed in Texas on the evening of 17 July.

1st update on UA 130/18 issued 19/07/2018

Urgent Action update: First Ohio execution in 10 months goes ahead

Robert Van Hook was executed in Ohio on the morning of 18 July. He had been on death row for 33 years for a murder.

1st update on UA 116/18 issued 18/07/2018

Urgent Action update: Risk of torture for man extradited to Russia

Aslan Yandiev was extradited to Russia. He is is in poor health and is at grave risk of torture and an unfair trial.

3rd update on UA 41/18 issued 19/07/2018