Urgent Action: Investigate whereabouts of two missing men

The two men have been missing since February 2019 and are suspected to have been abducted and forcibly disappeared.

UA 068/19 Issued 13/08/2019

Urgent Action outcome: Attacks on Ysati community under investigation

The Prosecutor’s Office began an investigation into the March attacks against the Ysati indigenous community “3 de Julio”

1st Update on UA 032/19 Issued 22/07/2019

Urgent Action update: Human rights defender needs urgent medical care

Human rights defender Joaquín Elo Ayeto is in urgent need of medical assistance while in detention at Black Beach Prison.

1st Update on UA 015/19 Issued 16/08/2019

Urgent Action: Former Bahraini parliamentarian arrested

On 6 August 2019, members of the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) arrested former Bahraini parliamentarian.

UA 110/19 Issued 08/08/2019

Urgent Action: Activist arbitrarily detained for Facebook posts

Senegalese activist Guy Marius Sagna was charged with ‘false alert of terrorism’ on 5 August.

UA 109/19 Issued 06/08/2019

Urgent Action outcome: Emirati authorities unlawfully deport Pakistani national

On 22 June 2019, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) forcibly returned Rashid Hussain Brohi to Pakistan.

1st Update on UA 22/19 Issued 11/07/2019

Urgent Action: Three politicians arbitrarily detained

Politicians and others have been arbitrarily detained over charges that relate to their peaceful political activities.

UA 107/19 Issued 08/08/2019

Urgent Action update: Release youth prisoners of conscience

The youth prisoners of conscience are being prosecuted for trying to organise a peaceful protest in November 2017.

1st Update on UA 048/19 Issued 07/08/2019

Urgent Action update: Labour activists held in secret detention

Wei Zhili and Ke Chengbing have been held in incommunicado detention since March 2019.

2nd Update on UA 037/19 Issued 26/07/2019

Urgent Action outcome: Dr. Scott warren new trial slated for november

Dr. Scott Warren was facing 20 years in prison for providing humanitarian aid to migrants.

1st Update on UA 069/19 Issued 10/07/2019