Urgent Action update: Ahmed Mansoor sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in the UAE

In the UAE, Ahmed Mansoor was sentenced to 10 years in prison and a fine of 1,000,000 Emirati Dirham.

5th update on UA 200/15 issued 04/06/2018

Urgent Action update: Land defenders threatened and attacked in Guatemala

Human rights defender Ramon Choc died following a violent assault, and other defenders have been threatened.

1st update on UA 97/18 issued 01/06/2018

Urgent Action update: Far-right protesters attack festival organisers in Ukraine

The Festival of Equality was disrupted by violent far-right protesters and conservative religious protestors.

1st update on UA 99/18 issued 01/06/2018

Urgent Action good news: Prisoner of conscience released in Uzbekistan

On 7 May, a court issued Uzbekistani journalist Bobomurod Abdullayev with a non-custodial sentence.

4th update on UA 232/17 issued 01/06/2018

Urgent Action: Detained rapper accused of promoting drugs in Turkey

Rapper, Ezhel, was remanded on pre-trial detention on 23 May accused of ‘publicly promoting drug use’

UA 107/18 issued 01/06/2018

Urgent Action Update: 30 June set as date of verdict for Shawkan in Egypt

The Court has set the 30 June as the date for issuing the verdict in the case against “Shawkan and 738 other defendants.

14th Update on UA 243/14 issued 31/05/2018

Urgent Action Update: 61 people remain homeless after forced eviction in Swaziland

Four families (61 people including 33 children) remain homeless after forced eviction and having their homes demolished

1st Update on UA 071/18 issued 30/05/2018

End Action: Tibetan activist sentenced to five years in jail in China

Prisoner of conscience Tashi Wangchuk was given a five-year prison sentence for “inciting separatism” on 22 May 2018

3rd Update on UA 079/16 issued 30/05/2018

Urgent Action update: Activist trying to seek medical care detained in China

Xing Wangli was taken away by local government personnel while he was seeking medical care and legal assistance.

1st update on UA 202/16 isssued 28/05/2018

Urgent Action: Saudi Arabia arrests women's rights defenders

Three prominent women human rights defenders have been arbitrarily detained incommunicado since mid-May.

UA 105/18 issued 25/05/2018