Urgent Action: Prisoner of conscience in Egypt dies in detention

Prisoner of conscience and Nubian activist Mohamed Saleh Sorour (aka Gamal Sorour) died in custody in Aswan on 4 November

UA 249/17 issued on 07/11/2017

Urgent Action: Call for a moratorium on executions in Nevada

The State of Nevada is set to carry out its first execution in over 11 years. Prisoner due to be executed on 14th Nov.

UA 250/17 issued on 07/11/2017

Urgent Action update: Man seized in Libya brought to US court

A Libyan man who was seized by US forces in Libya on 29 October has been flown to the USA and appeared in federal court.

1st update on UA 246/17 issued 06/11/2017

Urgent Action update: Equatorial Guinean cartoonist still detained without charge

Ramón Ebalé, an Equatorial Guinean cartoonist and activist, has spent over 50 days in prison without charge.

1st update on UA 219/17 issued 06/11/2017

Urgent Action update: No safe option for refugees at the Manus Island detention centre after camp 'closure'

There are serious concerns for the health and security of hundreds of refugees after essential services were withdrawn.

2nd update on UA 184/17 issued 03/11/2017

Urgent Action update: Prisoner of conscience released and expelled in Bahrain

On 30 October, Bahraini prisoner of conscience, Ibrahim Karimi was released from Jaw prison.

3rd update on UA 215/15 issued 03/11/2017

Urgent Action good news: Human rights lawyer, activists released in Tanzania

Thirteen health and human rights activists released, after the court found there was insufficient evidence against them

1st Update on UA 244/17 issued 03/11/2017

Urgent Action: Rights lawyer detained without official charge in China

Sixty year old human rights lawyer criminally detained for nearly a month without any official information on the charges

UA 227/17 issued 03/11/2017

Urgent Action: Ohio to execute 69-year-old ‘state-raised’ man

Alva Campbell, aged 69, is due to be executed in Ohio on 15 November. The governor can commute the death sentence.

UA 247/17 issued 02/11/2017

Urgent Action: Man seized in Libya held incommunicado

A Libyan man facing capital charges in the USA was seized by US forces in Libya on 29 October and taken to a ship

UA 246/17 issued 01/11/2017