Urgent Action: Journalist accused of ‘justification of terrorism’ in Russia

Victor Korb, a human rights defender and journalist, is being unjustly prosecuted for “public justification of terrorism”

UA 142/18 issued 01/08/2018

Urgent Action: Detained activist detained access to lawyer in South Sudan

Peter Biar Ajak, a prominent South Sudanese academic and activist, was arrested by the National Security Service (NSS).

UA 143/18 issued 31/08/2018

Urgent Action good news: Indigenous leader ends 2 month hunger strike in Chile

After nearly two months on a hunger strike, Indigenous leader Machi Córdova is granted access to his ceremonial altar.

2nd update on UA 75/18 issued 31/07/2018

Urgent Action update: 42 months in China prison for forcibly returned activist

According to a Chinese media report, Dong Guangping was sentenced to 42 months in prison almost one year after his trial

6th update on UA 259/15 issued 31/07/2018

Urgent Action good news: Indonesian activist released, appeal against conviction ongoing

Environmental activist Heri Budiawan, known as Budi Pego, was released from prison on 1 July 2018.

2nd update on UA 34/18 issued 30/07/2018

Urgent Action update: Youth activists risk three years imprisonment in DRC

After more than 160 days in incommunicado detention, four pro-democracy youth activists were charged.

1st update on UA 38/18 issued 27/07/2018

Urgent Action: Road to be built over individual and mass graves in Iran

The authorities are destroying the individual and mass graves of of political dissidents who were killed in Ahvaz.

UA 140/18 issued 26/07/2018

Urgent Action good news: Russian court whistleblower released

Former court secretary and whistleblower Aleksandr Eivazov was released on 21 July.

2nd update on UA 228/17 issued 26/07/2018

Urgent Action update: Six more hanged in unprecedented execution spree in Japan

Following the executions of 7 members of Aum Shinrikyo (Aum), the remaining 6 men sentenced to death were hanged.

3rd update on UA 213/16 issued 23/07/2018

Urgent Action: Thousands of residents’ risk forced eviction in Kenya

Approximately 3,000 residents of the Deep Sea informal settlement in Nairobi are at imminent risk of forced eviction.

UA 141/18 issued 25/07/2018