Urgent Action: Free trans asylum seeker from detention in USA

Alejandra fled attacks and extortion based on her transgender identity in El Salvador and requested asylum in the US.

UA 108/18 issued 08/06/2018

Urgent Action update: Turkish university students released but allege torture

14 Boğaziçi University students were released. Their allegations of torture and other ill-treatment must be investigated.

2nd update on UA 66/18 issued 08/06/2018

Urgent Action good news: Palestinian prisoner of conscience released

On 6 June, Palestinian activist and human rights defender, Munther Amira was released from Hadarim Prison in Israel.

2nd update on UA 26/18 issued 08/06/2018

Urgent Action update: Nabeel Rajab's prison sentence upheld on appeal in Bahrain

Prominent human rights defender and prisoner of conscience Nabeel Rajab had his five-year prison sentence upheld.

21 update on UA 249/14 issued 08/06/2018

Urgent Action update: Family of prisoner of conscience in Cuba denied visits

Cuban authorities have suspended family visiting rights of human rights defender, Dr Eduardo Cardet, for six months.

4th update on UA 32/17 issued 07/06/2018

Urgent Action update: Two more land defenders killed in Guatemala

Human rights defenders Florencio Pérez Nájera and Alejandro Hernández García from CODECA were violently murdered.

2nd update on UA 97/18 issued 07/06/2018

Urgent Action update: Activist in Zambia released on bail, set to stand trial

Fumba Chama affectionately known as Pilato was released on a 3000 USD bail on 21 May. His trial will begin on 25 June.

1st update on UA 94/18 issued 07/06/2018

Urgent Action good news: Texas court issues stay of execution

On 5 June, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals issued a stay of execution for Clifton Williams.

1st update on UA 100/18 issued 06/06/2018

Urgent Action update: Russia must release Ukranian film director

Ukrainian film director, Oleg Sentsov started a hunger strike on 14 May.

2nd update on UA 170/15 issued 06/06/2018

Urgent Action good news: Cartoonist and activist able to leave Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinean cartoonist and activist Ramón Esono Ebalé was finally able to leave Equatorial Guinea on 28 May.

1st update on UA 89/18 issued 05/06/2018