Urgent Action: Forty-seven students held incommunicado, one killed

Forty-seven students of Darfur origin remain in incommunicado detention after security agents arrested them in raids.

UA 9/19 issued 25/01/2019

Urgent Action: Activist arbitrarily detained for almost 6 months

Peter Biar Ajak, a prominent South Sudanese academic and activist, has been arbitrarily for almost six months.

1st update on UA 143/18 issued 25/01/2019

Urgent Action: Human rights defender under house arrest

On 23 January, Anastasia Shevchenko was put under house arrest and may face up to six years in prison if convicted.

UA 8/19 issued 24/01/2019

Urgent Action outcome: Mauritanian anti-slavery activists released

Two anti-slavery activists Biram Dah Abeid and Abdellahi el Housein Mesoud were released from Nouakchott civil Prison.

1st update on UA 164/18 issued 23/01/2019

Urgent Action: Canadian sentenced to death in a one-day retrial

Robert Schellenberg, a Canadian national, was sentenced to death after being convicted of drug trafficking at his retrial

UA 7/19 issued 23/01/2019

Urgent Action: Two activists killed among escalating violence

On 17 January, unidentified armed men attacked demonstrators in Amatán, Chiapas state, southern Mexico.

UA 6/19 issued 22/01/2019

Urgent Action update: Activist risks charges over forced ‘confession’

Suha Jbara was released after spending over two months in detention where she says she was tortured by interrogators.

3rd update on UA 203/18 issued 22/01/2019

Urgent Action update: Human rights defender tried in secret

Huang Qi, founder and director of Sichuan-based human rights website “64 Tianwang”, was secretly tried.

6th update on UA 284/16 issued 22/01/2019

Urgent Action: Prominent Bedouin leader imprisoned by Israel

69-year-old human rights defender Sheikh Sayyah Abu Mdeighim al-Turi, started serving a 10-month prison sentence.

UA 4/19 issued 21/01/2019

Urgent Action update: Arbitrarily detained Egyptian on hunger strike

On 25 January, Islam Khalil and four other prisoners began a hunger strike to protest their arbitrary detention.

2nd update on UA 176/18 issued 01/02/2019