Urgent Action: Wave of detentions of students and activists in Nicaragua

Detention of student leaders and other social activists have increased in Nicaragua as a punishment for protests.

UA 169/18 issued 17/09/2018

Urgent Action: Activist missing for over one month in Cameroon

Activist Franklin Mowha, the president of the NGO Frontline Fighters for Citizens Interests went missing on 6 August.

UA 168/18 issued 13/09/2018

Urgent Action good news: All 14 charges against political activist dropped in Malaysia

Khalid Mohd Ismath, former prisoner of conscience, has had all charges against him dropped.

1st update on UA 238/15 issued 11/09/2018

Urgent Action: Lawyer assaulted and arbitrarily detained in Russia

A human rights lawyer has been arrested, beaten and detained by police in Russia. He is a prisoner of conscience.

UA 167/18 issued 12/09/2018

Urgent Action: Bangladesh prisoner of conscience faces prolonged detention

Prisoner of conscience Shahidul Alam has been denied bail. If tried and convicted he faces 14 years in jail.

1st update on UA 146/18 issued 12/09/2018

Urgent Action: Legislators could pass a discriminatory law in Guatemala

Guatemala’s Congress is at the verge of passing a law to ban abortion, same-sex marriage and inclusive sex education.

UA 163/18 issued 10/09/2018

Urgent Action: Iranian Kurds forced to make TV confession

Two Iranian Kurds were arrested by security forces on 3 August and held incommunicado for weeks.

UA 166/18 issued 10/09/2018

Urgent Action: Anti-slavery activists arbitrarily detained in Mauritania

2 members of the anti-slavery organization IRA were arbitrarily arrested. They were charged and denied access to lawyers.

UA 164/18 issued 07/09/2018

Urgent Action: Papuan activist charged for posting Facebook video in Indonesia

A peaceful pro-independence Papuan activist, Agustinus Yolemal, was detained and charged for posting a video on Facebook.

UA 165/18 issued 07/09/2018

Urgent Action update: Two Reuters journalists sentenced to 7 years in Myanmar jail

Two journalists were sentenced to 7 years in jail after being found guilty of breaching Myanmar’s Official Secrets Act.

2nd update on UA 4/18 issued 06/09/2018