Urgent Action update: Hunger-striking academic in critical condition

Dr Nasser bin Ghaith’s health has severely deteriorated after 70 days on hunger strike.

6th update on UA 183/15 issued 20/12/2018

Urgent Action update: Chinese veteran activist executed

Xu Youchen, 58, was executed on 15 November 2018 after the China Supreme People’s Court approved his death sentence.

3rd update on UA 3/17 issued 19/12/2018

Urgent Action good news: 200 families no longer at risk of forced eviction

Families from the Guahory Community, Eastern Paraguay, are no longer at imminent threat of forced eviction.

1st update on UA 137/18 issued 18/12/2018

Urgent Action update: Hunger-striking detainee admitted to hospital

The Palestinian authorities have transferred social justice activist Suha Jbara to a hospital in Jericho.

2nd update on UA 203/18 issued 13/12/2018

Urgent Action: Bill to give armed forces control of security in Mexico

Mexican legislators could pass a bill for a constitutional reform that would broaden the powers of the armed forces.

UA 212/18 issued 19/12/2018

Urgent Action: Attacks on defenders and journalists increase

Nicaraguan authorities continue to target journalists, human rights defenders and organizations.

UA 160/18 issued 10/12/2018

Urgent Action: Sudanese activist deported, at risk of torture

Sudanese political activist Mohamed Hassan Alim Shareef was deported from Egypt to Sudan on 9 October.

UA 205/18 issued 10/12/2018

Urgent Action: Land claimant leader at risk

Enrique Cabezas has received several threats in response to his work defending the ancestral territory.

UA 207/18 issued 06/12/2018

Urgent Action: Risk of imminent execution for Hong Kong citizen

The death sentence of Hong Kong citizen Wu Zongxi is currently under review by the Supreme People’s Court.

UA 208/18 issued 10/12/2018

Urgent Action update: Activist cleared of charges, another awaiting trial

Activist Yahaya Badamassi has been released while activist Sadat Illiya Dan Malam is still in detention awaiting trial.

2nd update on UA 93/18 issued 07/12/2018