Urgent Action Update: Activist released on bail, still facing charges

Amnesty International continues to call on the authorities to immediately drop all charges against Guy Marius Sagna.

1st Update on UA 109/19 Issued 06/09/2019

Urgent Action Good News: Deported mother allowed return to her family

Vanessa Gómez Cueva, a Peruvian mother of three who was deported 7 months ago received permission to return to Argentina.

1st Update on UA 039/19 Issued 05/09/2019

Urgent Action: Qatari father and son disappeared

The family of two Qatari men lost all contact with them as the two men travelled through Saudi Arabia to visit relatives.

UA 114/19 Issued 03/09/2019

Urgent Action Good News: Prominent Bedouin leader released

Human rights defender and prominent Bedouin leader Sheikh Sayyah Abu Mdeighim al-Turi was released from Maasiyahu Prison.

1st Update on UA 04/19 Issued 03/09/2019

Urgent Action Update: Harassment of severely ill ex-MP continues

A former MP who has suffered continued harassment by security forces, suffered a stroke following his arrest on 6 August.

1st Update on UA 110/19 Issued 03/09/2019

Urgent Action Update: Human rights defender facing bogus charges

Serikzhan Bilash is being prosecuted simply for defending the human rights of ethnic Kazakhs in China.

1st Update on UA 46/19 Issued 16/08/2019

Urgent Action Update: Detention continues for over a hundred persons

Scores of people continue detained in Nicaragua after more than one year from the beginning of the human rights crisis.

2nd Update on UA 82/19 Issued 30/08/2019

Urgent Action: NGO workers detained for ‘subversion’

Human rights defenders Cheng Yuan, Liu Yongze, and Wu Gejianxiong have been placed under incommunicado detention.

UA 113/19 Issued 22/08/2019

Urgent Action Outcome: Human rights defender released with conditions

After more than five months of detention, prisoner of conscience Serikzhan Bilash was released from house arrest.

2nd Update on UA 46/16 Issued 26/08/2019

Urgent Action Outcome: Man with claims of innocence executed in Texas

Lawrence Swearingen, who has been on death row in Texas, USA since 2000, was executed on 21 August 2019.

1st Update on UA 108/19 Issued 27/08/2019