Urgent Action sad news: Prisoner dies of cancer in detention

Alia Abdelnoor Mohamed Abdelnoor, who was in the terminal stages of cancer, died while chained to a bed.

1st update on UA 26/19 issued 10/05/2019

Urgent Action: 500 Roma people homeless after forced eviction

Around 500 Roma people, including around 150 children, pregnant women and older people have been left homeless.

UA 68/19 issued 14/05/2019

Urgent Action: Land defenders at risk

Rosalina Dominguez, her four sons and two members of the community of Río Blanco, Intibucá, in Honduras were threatened.

UA 64/19 issued 10/05/2019

Urgent Action: Lawyer of Xinca people under threat

Quelvin Jimenez received death threats and continues to be targeted with smear campaigns, intimidations, and surveillance

UA 63/19 issued 10/05/2019

Urgent Action update: Forty protesters freed, ten still detained

A judge at the Cabinda Court ordered the provisional release of 40 more protesters on 19 April.

2nd update on UA 18/19 issued 10/05/2019

Urgent Action: Parliamentarian disappeared in Venezuela

On 26 April 2019, intelligence officers took Venezuelan opposition member of parliament Gilber Caro at a restaurant.

UA 55/19 issued 08/05/2019

Urgent Action update: Two men at risk of execution

On 6 May 2019, the Bahraini Court of Cassation upheld the convictions and death sentences of two prisoners.

2nd update on UA 69/17 issued 10/05/2019

Urgent Action: Stop harassment of human rights activist

On 6 May at around 6am the police raided the home of prominent human rights defender Elżbieta Podleśna.

UA 62/19 issued 09/05/2019

Urgent Action: Ahwazi Arab men at risk of execution

Abdullah Karmollah Chab and Ghassem Abdullah, from Iran’s Ahwazi Arab minority, are facing the death penalty.

UA 61/19 issued 08/05/2019

Urgent Action good news: Prisoner of conscience released

On 7 March 2019, Algerian blogger and prisoner of conscience Merzoug Touati was released.

2nd update on UA 117/18 issued 08/05/2019