Resource pack: Poverty + Human Rights (Welsh)

Explore the impact of poverty, and the changes needed to ensure everyone’s right to live with dignity. Three lessons, an assembly and films about residents of a Kenyan community and their fight for human rights to download below. 

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Also available: English language version

Lesson 1: Poverty + Human Rights

Cover key poverty definitions and info, introduce the concept that poverty is a human rights issue and identify human rights abuses associated with poverty.  

Lesson 2: Tackling Poverty

Explore NGO's different approaches to tackling poverty, apply them to a scenario to create NGO action plan, then decide on action for Deep Sea.

Lesson 3: Taking Action

Recap on the role of NGOs, introduce Amnesty and our work as a campaigning NGO, then choose, carry out and impact assess action for Deep Sea.

Curriculum links

  • PSE and Education for Global Citizenship (Wales)
  • Interdisciplinary cross-curricular projects on Citizenship themes  


Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Taking Action introduction
Taking Action - Lesson 1
Taking Action - Lesson 2
Taking Action - Lesson 3
Taking Action - Lesson 4
Taking Action - Lesson 5
Taking Action - How to set up a youth group