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Campaigning project

Download five sessions of lessons, worksheets and powerpoints for students to research a human rights issue they feel strongly about and carry out a campaign action to bring about change:

  • Session 1: Choosing an issue 
  • Session 1 film: Over To You
  • Session 2: Formulating an objective and action
  • Session 3: Understanding research skills
  • Session 4: Independent work: Research, preparation and action
  • Session 5: Evaluation
  • Research skill sheets: Interviews, observation and questionaires
  • Other useful resources: Amnesty 'How To' Guides for young people

Also available: Welsh language version

Session 1
Session 1 powerpoint
Session 2
Session 2 powerpoint
Session 3
Session 3 powerpoint
Session 4 powerpoint
Session 5
Session 5 powerpoint
Research Skills: Interviews
Research Skills: Observation
Research Skills: Questionnaires
Taking action: Useful links