Urgent Action good news: Court overturns conviction of three youths in Angola

Three youths were released on 17 July. They had been sentenced to seven months in prison in April after an unfair trial.

1st update on UA 115/18 issued 13/08/2018

Urgent Action: Indigenous leader threatened by armed men in Paraguay

Amada Martínez, Indigenous human rights defender, was threatened by armed men wearing uniforms of a hydroelectric plant.

UA 149/18 issued 10/08/2018

Urgent Action update: Threats against indigenous rights defenders in Malaysia

Indigenous human rights defenders face sustained intimidation and threats of physical violence.

1st update on UA 22/17 issued 06/08/2018

Urgent Action: Indigenous activist slandered and stigmatised in Venezuela

Military official accuses Indigenous environmental rights defender Lisa Henrito of “treason” - on national TV.

UA 144/18 issued 03/08/2018

Urgent Action update: Blogger on hunger strike after unfair conviction in Algeria

Algerian blogger and prisoner of conscience Merzoug Touati began a hunger strike on 8 July in protest at being imprisoned

1st update on UA 117/18 issued 03/08/2018

Urgent Action: Fears for two disappeared Russian prisoners

The fate and whereabouts of IT specialist Victor Filinkov and civil society activist Yuliy Boyarshinov remain unknown.

UA 145/18 issued 03/08/2018

Urgent Action update: Activist sentenced to one year, others released in Niger

3 activists were released after being handed a 3 month suspended sentence. A 4th activist was sentenced to one year.

1st update on UA 30/18 issued 02/08/2018

Time to recharge: Corporate action and inaction to tackle abuses in the Cobalt supply chain

Our world is increasingly powered by lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, ranging from the ones found in everyday mobiles


This is what we die for: Human Rights abuses in the Democratic Republic of The Congo power the global trade in Cobalt.

Around the world increasingly rely on rechargeable batteries to power their mobile phones, tablets, laptop computer.


Urgent Action update: Prisoner of conscience on hunger strike in Egypt

Human rights defender Hanan Badr el-Din has begun a hunger strike after her pre-trial detention has been extended.

2nd update on UA 129/17 issued 07/08/2018