This year's Planning Pack is the first of our new slimmed down versions. It contains: 

  • Descriptions of our campaign priorities
  • An options form
  • A financial return

Because it's the first year we've reduced the size of your pack, we'd love you to let us know if you think we've missed anything important. Just email if you have any questions or concerns.

Supporting campaigns

In 2012 Local Groups played a vital role in our biggest campaigning successes. Twenty years ago, the very idea of an international Arms Trade Treaty was derided by governments and arms dealers alike. But after decades of your dedicated campaigning, 2012 saw real progress towards making it a reality. 

When talks failed in July of that year, you didn't stop putting on the pressure and in April 2013, it finally paid off: 154 states voted to adopt the Arms Trade Treaty, with only Iran, Syria and North Korea voting against it. You should feel proud of the work that you did to achieve this historic moment for human rights. 

Now we're asking you to use your support to bolster more of our campaigns. This planning pack provides a list of our priorities for 2013 and gives you the opportunity to sign up to those of particular interest. 

Priority campaign options

We'll still include campaign actions and updates in your regular monthly mailing, but there are three priorities this year that we're hoping you might be able to offer more time to: 

  • Women's rights in Afghanistan
  • Zimbabwe elections
  • Individuals and groups at risk

Just fill in the options form in the Planning Pack to let us know which campaigns you'd like regular updates on.

Planning your fundraising

You raised over £190,000 last year and we are hoping to top that in 2013. Groups do all sorts of things to raise their money – organising book sales, bake sales, garden parties, concerts, comedy events and much more.

If you are interested in fundraising and would like to discuss your ideas or get some materials to help you, then our Community Fundraising Team would love to hear from you. Just email

Local Groups' Planning Pack 2013