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Be the difference

Be the difference

Today it's time to take action. We have a new government in place and they’re going to hear our voices from their first day until their last.

Chip in what you can today and help us fight for a system that champions women’s rights and choices. A police force that respects those it’s sworn to protect. A society where everyone is free be who they are and choose who they love. A community that welcomes those fleeing war and persecution. A country that doesn’t sideline people for profits.

You are human. And you are powerful.  

Help Amnesty International UK Section Charitable Trust with a small donation today and we’ll make sure this new government stands up and listens. Be the change. 

This is what your money can do...

£10 Helps us put pressure on politicians and policy makers to protect human rights around the world.


£24 Allows our experts to attend international government meetings and stand up for human rights.


£50 Enables us to send researchers around the world to investigate reports of torture and abuse.