Governance Taskforce

The Governance Taskforce was in operation between August 2013 and July 2015.

In April 2013, our Annual General Meeting decided to establish a Governance Taskforce. Its remit was drawn from two decisions, one proposed by the Board and one proposed by members. These emphasised the importance of good governance but acknowledged concerns raised at and in the lead-up to an Extraordinary General Meeting that took place in January 2013.
The Governance Taskforce had a wide-ranging remit, requiring a review of our constitution, governance structure, the way in which we recruit and elect the members of governance, how they consult and communicate with the membership and the way in which our national section relates to the international movement’s governance and executive bodies. The task force established four sub groups to take forward this work in between its full meetings.
The members of the Governance Taskforce were appointed by the Board in accordance with the AGM’s decisions and with the support of the Nominations Committee. They were:

  • Sheila Banks (Chair)
  • Chris Ramsey
  • Peter Pack
  • Naomi Hunter
  • Clive Briscoe
  • Eilidh Douglas
  • Malcolm Dingwall-Smith
  • Elizabeth Mottershaw
  • Tom Hedley
  • Sarah O’Grady
  • Hannah Perry


Meeting papers

Follow the links below to download all Governance Taskforce meeting papers:

Chair's statements