Make a difference for refugee rights

Poets Dean Atta takes on our Make a Difference in a Minute challenge with a poem linked to family, as part of the 2019 Words That Burn project.

Students can also take the challenge by writing a poem linked to their family that can be performed in one minute or less.

The Family Mystery

by Dean Atta

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Poet Valerie Bloom takes on the challenge with a poem about her family. 

Through My Window

by Valerie Bloom


Take the challenge

Submit a poem which can be:

  • A group or individual poem about your family, an aspect of your family or why they are important to you

You can submit a poem in written form or as an audio or video clip that is one-minute or less. A selection of poems will be chosen for showcase on our website. We will let you know if a poem is chosen.

Current UK laws governing the rights of refugees are restrictive and unfair. They deny child refugees the right to bring their parents to the UK; they mean that parents have to leave behind their children even if they have only just turned 18; and they mean that elderly parents are left behind in war torn countries to fend for themselves. Get involved with refugee campaigning.


Dean Atta Poem .pdf
Valerie Bloom Poem.pdf