Want to help Amnesty develop its work with young people? Want to meet other youth group members? Apply to be on our Youth Advisory Group.

To join the Advisory Group you need to already be a Youth Group member and free on 6 December to come to London.

Each year we recruit some youth group members to give us their views on our campaigns, our mailings, our website and how we can get more young people involved in our work

Here's what some previous members have said:

'You feel valued, you get inspiration for what your group could do next, and you feel reassured that the work your group is doing matters. Definitely apply – it’s amazing!'

'YAG provides an invaluable opportunity to make a difference and have YOUR voice heard and your views considered.'

'Being a YAG member has been a fantastic experience, not only have I grown in confidence but I’ve been able to voice my opinions.'

Who can apply?

Up to two members from each youth group can apply.

We like get a good spread of people from across the UK. This great opportunity is for the more active or committed members of
youth groups aged 14 and over.

Do I have to know lots about Amnesty International?

You don’t need to be an expert on our work. But we do need you to be enthusiastic, committed and ready to contribute.

How much time will I have to give?

It is a one year commitment and you would be expected to attend 3-4 meetings over the course of the year.

We cover all transport costs and pay for accommodation if you need it.

The meetings are always on Saturdays. Meeting are in February or March, July, September and December.

Meetings are at our offices the Human Rights Action Centre, in London.

You will also be asked to give feedback by email or Facebook in between meetings.

What happens at meetings?

For those of you who have to come down the night before, we pick you up from the station if you want us to. We take you to your accommodation (where two members of Amnesty staff also stay). And we take you out for dinner too.

Meetings run from about 10am to 4pm and are really informal. We basically just ask you for your opinions and ideas on all kinds of things such as our materials, website and campaigns. Sometimes we split you up into smaller groups or sometimes we all stay as one group.

There are usually about 20 of you in total. We try to make sure the day is fun and active. At the end we can take people back to the station if needed. We cover all your food and travel expenses.

How do I apply?

Applications are now closed for this year.

Got a question?

Contact Anne Montague email anne.montague@amnesty.org.uk or call on 020 7033 1590.