Human Rights in Further Education Survey


In 2024, Amnesty International UK are looking to develop our work with Further Education learning organisations of all kinds including colleges, local authority providers, adult education and independent training providers.

We recognise that everyday these organisations do amazing work in diverse communities across the country, enabling learners to become active citizens and preparing them to become the work force of tomorrow.

As part of their learning experience, we would love to see learners in FE gaining knowledge of their human rights and the rights of others. This can be truly transformational for individuals, organisations and communities alike and is the work of Human Rights Education.

The Amnesty HRE model emphasizes: 

•    development of knowledge – learning about human rights and human rights mechanisms; 
•    development and reinforcement of attitudes and behaviours which uphold human rights and skills to take action;  
•    the acquisition of skills to apply human rights in a practical way in daily life and taking actions to defend and promote human rights. 

HRE is not just another tick list item to be ‘embedded’. Rather, it offers a philosophy and a rationale for key elements of a purposeful and inclusive curriculum. Approaching equality, diversity and inclusion on the basis that all humans have rights gives a framework for exploring thorny issues. Thinking about safeguarding risks as violations of human rights enables discussion beyond general principles. HRE also offers a solid basis on which to ground an enrichment curriculum which empowers learners to become more active citizens.

We are currently conducting a survey so that we can better understand where the opportunities lie to integrate HRE into FE and would like to encourage FE professionals working in a wide range of roles to respond. The will be open until 29th Feb 2024. It is short and multiple choice so please do take a few minutes out of your day to help shape our approach.