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Why Join Us?

What has motivated local people to join our group:

  • Ailsa says: There is always something you can do as a member of Amnesty.


  • Becca stated: I know I want to do something about all the terrible things I hear about in the news, and coming along regularly to an Amnesty meeting keeps me motivated to take action.


  • Bob told us that his best moment as an Amnesty activist has come from talking to schools. When you watch a group of surly teenagers gradually switching to open-mouthed attention, you know you are doing something worthwhile.


  • Claire is happy to be part of local Amnesty experience, as: it is nice to meet people with similar concerns, who want to do something to make a difference in the world.


  • Clemens explains his most notable experience with the group: The most interesting, shocking and hardest activity I have ever done with the AI Woking Group, was asking members of the public about their attitudes to violence against women. As a man, it was difficult to "pitch" it right (to men and women) without sounding odd.


  • Jeanette put her motivation to join our local group like this: When I arrived in Woking I looked for a group I could join in order to help with the sad state of human rights around the world. I found a home with the Amnesty International group here.


  • Jim is motivated to be part of the local group in Woking,because it keeps me in touch with the human rights abuses that are happening all over the world.


  • Keith describes the group as a lively, active group which tackles vital humanitarian issues together in a way we cannot do by ourselves.


  • Michelle sums up why she joined the local group in Woking: To try to do something, albeit very little, to help tackle abuses against fellow human beings.


  • Ruth gives the reason why she became active in AI: I joined AI because I couldn't bear to be one of those people who complain about the world but don't actually do anything about it. When you hear something dreadful on the news, there usually is an Amnesty action you can take to help, or just to register a protest.


  • Sabine expressed her wish to join the group as follows: After moving to Woking, I joined the local Amnesty Group to meet some like-minded people.
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