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Street collection update

Many thanks to our brilliant band of collectors, we raised nearly £530 for Woking Amnesty yesterday.  Best of all were the donors who waved away our thanks to thank us for everything that Amnesty is doing.

We’re particularly grateful to Franko who organised us and stayed out all day, managing to collect more than anyone else by far. Thanks also to Jim for booking our slot and banking the cash.

Our next meeting will be on Monday 7th October when we’ll be finding out why the climate crisis is a human rights issue. If you’re not sure why Amnesty is working on environmental issues, or would like to get involved, this is the meeting for you.

You may have already received the Amnesty gift catalogue with the members magazine.  If we order together as a group, we get 15% discount plus free p&p.  We’ll need a volunteer to organise all our orders: do let me know if you could take this on.

Those of us who aren’t switching off as soon as the news comes on (tempting nowadays) will have been shocked by the violence meted out by police in Hong Kong to protesters.  Please take a moment to send an email defending the right to peaceful protest:

Thanks again to all collectors and see you next month.

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