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Our Campaigns for 2013

Individuals at risk, Peace Community of San Jose, Women’s rights in Afghanistan, Zimbabwe elections


Individuals at risk

We are campaigning for justice for Azza Suleiman, a peaceful protestor who was hospitalized by Egyptian soldiers in 2011 simply for trying to help carry away a women beaten unconscious by them.  Despite the attack being filmed no has been prosecuted, and Amnesty is asking for reparations for Azza as well as army and police accountability in post-revolution Egypt.

Women’s Rights

We are supporting the Campaign for Women's Rights in Afghanistan, one of Amnesty International's priority areas for action in 2013. Amnesty International works closely with Afghan women's groups, such as Young Women for Change and the Afghan Women's Network, to raise awareness of the situation facing women in Afghanistan as US, UK and NATO troops hand over control to local Afghan forces. It is vital that the gains made for women's rights over the last few years are not lost during this process of transition.

Woking Amnesty Group members have signed petitions and written to MPs to raise political support in the UK for a focus on women's rights as the country moves forward. Amnesty's campaign received a boost recently, when Justine Greening (Secretary of State for International Development) made a public commitment to make violence against women a strategic priority in the next Department for International Development Operation Plan for Afghanistan. Locally, Woking Amnesty has also received a positive response to our actions, with Jonathan Lord MP pledging his support for our campaign.

Zimbabwe elections 2013

Zimbabwe is due to go to the polls in 2013. The last elections were marred by extreme violence and human rights abuses. Recently there have been worrying signs that the Zimbabwean authorities are trying to stifle freedom of expression and limit access to information.

The campaign is focusing on exerting pressure on Zimbabwe's neighbours who are allied throughout the South African Development Community (SADC).

Campaign objectives are:

  1. That international pressure and solidarity on behalf of human rights defenders prevents ends or exposes violations against them.
  2. The South African Development Community and international community pressure the Zimbabwean authorities to ensure the elections are free from violence. We will be writing to SADC members about these concerns


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