May 2018 meeting - on 14th!

Just a head’s up about our next meeting.  Due to bank holidays, we’re not meeting until Monday 14th May, when we’ll be working on the I Welcome campaign for refugees - many thanks to Anne & Jan for preparing this for us. 

Amnesty UK’s report on it’s local groups has been published & you’ll be cheered to know that we sent nearly 18,000 letters, 20,000 Write For Rights cards & raised £119,684 for Amnesty.  Not bad for 210 groups made up of people just like us.

There’s an interesting day celebrating women’s rights activism on 20th May, details here: Everyone is welcome

Future dates for your diary: 

4th June: Amnesty’s co-ordinator for South America will talk to us about the Peace Community of San Jose

2nd July: we’ll work on Israel & Occupied Palestinian Territories

3rd September: campaign on LGBTI issues

1st October: human rights in the former Soviet Union countries

5th November: work for the Rohingya people of Myanmar

3rd December: Write 4 Rights

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