July meeting

We are going to try something slightly different for our next meeting, on Monday 3rd July, and make the next meeting a bit more collaborative.

Please could you volunteer to take on one of the cases in this list?  https://www.amnesty.org.uk/resources/real-lives-summer-2017

They are all people who really need our support. If we could have a few volunteers to talk for a couple of minutes each about their case & share an action on their behalf.  So you could bring a letter for us all to sign, or we could sign an online petition.  That would produce a varied and interesting evening, where we took action for several people, without an onerous workload on just one of us.

Mary has kindly arranged for us to have a stall in Woking on Saturday 22nd July.  The more volunteers we get for that, the shorter the shifts!  No-one will be left on their own & we’re not asking for money.  If you can spare some time to take on a stint, please let Jan know: jan.church@btopenworld.com

Meanwhile, please take a moment to protest the arrest of the Chair of Amnesty Turkey:


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