January 2019 meeting

We meet again on Monday at Trinity Methodist Church at 8pm. It would be great to start the year by taking some action. I'll be preparing a few actions - probably one for Azza Soliman and a couple of other urgent actions for other Egyptian human rights activists. If you are able to look at the Amnesty International website, or even the latest magazine, and bring an action along too that would be great. If you are not familiar with this process, it is usually a matter of drafting a letter, as described by AIUK, which we can all sign at the meeting). A good place to look for cases where we could take action is on the website by searching for 'urgent action'. Here are a few examples:





We may also look at the idea of holding another quiz as Amnesty is encouraging local groups to take part in the Great Amnesty Quiz Night. The Guildford group have approached us to ask if we might be  teaming up with them on this.

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