Group Meeting - 11th May 2015

Due to the Bank Holiday, our next meeting will be on 11th May, when Matt & Ruth will bring feedback from the AGM.

Thanks to everyone who came to our April meeting for an interesting session with Woking's MP Jonathan Lord. As he suggested, the plan to cancel the Human Rights Act is a single paragraph towards the back of the Conservative Manifesto. We were most interested in his comment that the Act hadn't been repealed in this parliament because the LibDems refused to co-operate.  As the next parliament is also likely to be a coalition, we might be safe after all. However, do let's keep up the pressure.  It is critical that we let all possible parliamentarians know that this matters to us.  Please take a second to add your voice here:

Before our next meeting we have a stall in Asda, Sheerwater.  Please let Jan know if you can take a shift staffing this:

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