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February 2020 meeting

With Ruth’s departure we are operating as a committee for the time being and Peter is happy to do some of the secretarial work such as the monthly meeting reminder and helping to coordinate with others the meetings/activities we decide on for the year ahead.

Monday morning Monica and Peter are giving a school talk in Sandhurst and we can give you a summary of how it went. At a meeting of school speakers at the AI HQ in November I was surprised to notice that at Woking we have more members with speaking experience than were in that room! It would be fun if Woking Group became known as an AI centre for school speakers. Maybe we can talk about that at Monday's meeting.

So, Monday’s agenda will be about  ….

1/  Woking monthly meeting dates for 2020. Maybe talk about sharing the chairing.

2/  collection dates

3/  stall dates

4/  Selecting Country coordinator or other speakers to invite to some meetings. One or two of us have to take that on as a job.

5 / Campaign choices (2020 campaign pack not yet received)

6/  AGM dates and possible Woking attendance.

7/ Monthly Letter/petition actions. It’s good to emphasise our core work of defending Individuals at risk so would be nice if several of us can each month bring an action for everyone to sign.

See you Monday, same place same time.

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