Actions December 2012 to February 2013

3 December: our next meeting - greetings card campaign with refreshments

8 December: greetings card stall in Woking town centre

 7 January: first meeting of 2013 - choosing campaigns and actions for the coming year

4 February meeting: Amongst other actions, we'll be working on behalf of Li Yan, who has been sentenced to death in China. She killed her husband after years of horrific abuse, and having her pleas for help to the police ignored. We shall also be planning activities for the coming year and updating our group leaflet.

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Please is there any further news on this case, what has happened to Li Yan. I have looked online and on Amnesty's and the BBC 's website yet can find no further information on her case. I was insensed by her plight last year and wish to know whether there was any success for her personally from the International exposure of her case, the particular intricacies of this case were a damning accusation against the legal and social constraints that womankind in China are facing.
Any news (whether good or bad) would be appreciated and would spur me towards participating more in the struggle for a dignified life in a humane world for all.

chadbaxter1976 4 years ago