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6th January 2020

I hope you all had a wonderful break and a ready for the challenges of the new year!

Monica will introduce Amnesty's Country Coordinator for Brazil who is coming to speak at our next meeting. This is timely as the rainforest there is on fire, violence is widespread and discrimination is sometimes actively encouraged by the government.  Do come along next Monday, 6th January at 8pm.  We’ll be learning more and also how to tackle these terrible problems.

If you are on Twitter, please do follow the new @WokingAmnesty account, which Adam has kindly volunteered to take over for us.

Do take a moment to start the new year by signing this petition for Nasrin Sotoudeh, who said that women should have the choice to wear the hijab or not in Iran.  She’s been sentenced to 38 years in prison & 148 lashes, which is a breath-taking injustice.

See you all next Monday, in the music room of Trinity Church on Brewery Road.

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