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10 things we achieved in 2013

Our first meeting of 2014 is next Monday, 6th January at 8pm at Trinity Methodist Church.

We'll be planning our activities for 2014, including possibly having another quiz.
Amnesty is introducing two important new campaigns, against the use of torture and "My body, my rights".

Here's 10 things we accomplished in 2013:

1) An Arms Trade Treaty - we really made the world a better place with this one!
2) Pussy Riot were freed in Russia
3) Yorm Bopha is out on bail in Cambodia
4) Nasrin Soutoudeh was freed in Iran
5) Drew attention to human rights abuses in Sri Lanka before the Commonwealth Games
6) Maryland abolished the death penalty
7) Herman Wallace was released, just before he died
8) In El Salvador "Beatrice" got the medical treatment she needed to save her life
9) Concentrated the government's mind on the rights of Afghan women before the withdrawal of troops
10) Women accused of sorcery released in Papua New Guinea

On our own, we wouldn't have made any difference.  Together we are unbelievably powerful.

Come along on Monday & let's see what we can achieve in 2014.

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