Forthcoming events

1    The Occupied Territories

      Our last group meeting (fortuitously but not happily) coincided with the beginning of the flare up in Gaza.  We had a very interesting talk from an activist from EAPPI (the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel) which went a long way to explaining the roots of current Palestinian/Israeli hostilities. Much of what he told us is encapsulated in this extract from the EAPPI website 

Speaker Steve Hynd ( encouraged us to write to our MP to ask them to take up the question of the illegality of the Separation Barrier with the FCO. The attached document, which came through my letter box earlier this week, highlights the same issue. 


2    December: the Greetings Card Campaign

      Traditional AI activity in December is the Greetings Card Campaign when we WRITE FOR RIGHTS - either sending a solidarity message to an individual at risk or human rights defender or writing an appeal letter targetting the authorities. More details: Because of venue uncertainty we will be joining Lambeth group on their session on Tuesday 11 December. Details to follow in the December newsletter.


3    Internal Dispute

      Over a hundred members have called for an extraordinary general meeting to discuss the impact of the AIUK's decision to make redundancies so it can afford to increase its contributions to AIIS (which is also making redundancies).  For further details on why Unite has called for strike action at Amnesty, go to For the latest news on this debacle check out 'Animosity International' in The Independent For a different take on things, check out the blog by Stephen Hynds, who gave the talk mentioned above:


4    Case Work

      In the New Year we hope to get going with our case in support of the displaced people of Tawargha. In the meantime the petition is attached.

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