The speaker for our February meeting is Kamran Foroughi.

Kamal Foroughi ​ is​  a British-Iranian man who is in prison in Iran.  ​His son Kamran lives in London and is coming to speak at our meeting on 8th Feb​ruary.

​His father ​Kamal's​ predicament in summary:

- 77 years old British citizen, held in Evin prison for almost 5.5 years / 2,000 days (record for EU/Western citizen ever)

- no evidence or explanation or acknowledgement of detention ever provided by Iranian authorities

- he has not seen family in over 5 years, or even got any visitors

- denied medical care for almost all of this period

- now suffering cataracts and not getting urgent operations, slowly going blind

- eligible for early release for over 2 years / lawyer made over 50 applications for his release, with no explanation by authorities of why they don't

- PM Cameron and May been asking for his release continuously for over 2.5 years, so have EU, France, Germany, Italy, UN publicly (and several others privately)


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