Refugee week. Can we help?!

Could St Albans help Syrian Refugees?

Refugee week 15 -21st June is a time to remember and celebrate the contribution which refugees have made to this country. It is also a time to consider the suffering of those fleeing conflict and how they could be helped, particularly the plight of Syrian refugees. One way of doing this would be through the UK Government's scheme for the relocation of some of the most vulnerable Syrian refugees (The Syrian Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme). St Albans Amnesty Group would like to see the district council adopt this.

Councillor Simon Grover from  Green Party in St. Albans proposed a motion for the council to take part in the Syrian Vulnerable Persons  Relocation scheme. The motion was adopted in principle by SAC who have referred it to their scrutiny committee for consideration. Councils such as Malvern( a much smaller council than St Albans) and Edinburgh have already agreed to resettle families and St Albans Amnesty group urge St Albans City District council to do the same. 

*For further information about the scheme and to give your support, please contact St Albans Amnesty Group (, your local councillor or Simon Grover from the Green Party(

*Amnesty International is a non-political organisation working for the protection of the human across the world.

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