Treasurer's Report 2012

To briefly summarise our finances over the past 12 months:

Main fund raising events in descending order were: the meal at Panchos £327, Mike’s One Man Show £234, the meal at the Taj Mahal £161, Quiz Night £116, Amnestea event £115.

Principal donors in descending order were: Basildon Amnesty Group £112 (this being the closing balance of their account upon folding the group), Joyce Harris £100, Hadleigh Baptist Church £47, and Thundersley Women’s Institute £20.

We made donations to Amnesty UK totalling £728 on top of our £72 annual group subscription.

We started the year with a balance of £619 and end with a balance of £776.

Attached are spreadsheet copies of the group accounts and the Secretary's expenses.

Southend Amnesty Accounts 2012
Secretary's Expenses 2012
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