Here's our June Newsletter

We spent most of our last meeting writing appeal letters, tweeting and sending e-mails on behalf of

  • two pastors in Sudan Rev Yat Michael and Rev Peter Yen held incommunicado and charged with offences attracting the death penalty and

  • Saudi Arabian blogger Raif Badawi who is still at risk of flogging.

If you want to write in their support you can find details of these cases in the downloads below.

We need support at two fund raising events over the summer - an Amnestea on Sunday 12th July (there's a poster with the May Newsletter) and the sponsored walk on Sunday 2nd August (sponsorship form in the download), more details of which are in the Newsletter.

Southend Group Newsletter June 2015
Two Pastors in Sudan
Raif Badawi
Stop Torture Update June 2015
Sponsorship Form (amnd)
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