Solihull College Welcome Week

 The Solihull AI Group  was invited to have  a stall promoting Amnesty at Solihull College Welcome Week on Tuesday  22 September. We first contacted AI headquarters to obtain some suitable promotional material which would attract and interest students between the aged of 16 and 21 .

We were sent promotional material for the My Body My Rights campaign which included colourful stickers and transfers (removeable tattoos). We also took along ribbon and paper keys so that the students could create A Key for Freedom which is part of the campaign to decriminalise abortion in San Salvador.

The transfers and the keys did attract quite a few female students but we were amazed how few of them knew anything at all about Amnesty International.

The event was well worth while if only to inform the students about the work of Amnesty  and perhaps plant a seed that could be nurtured later at University.

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