LAOS The October Protestors - our individuals at risk

On October 1999, the morning of the annual water festival, a group of around 30 people gathered in Vientiane, the capital of Laos, to call for peaceful economic, political and social change. The police immediately arrested five of the protesters - Thongpasseuth Keuakoun, Sneg-Aloun Phengpahanh, Bouavanh Chanmanivong, Keochay and Khamphouvieng Sisaath - near the National Assembly building and later sentenced each of them to up to 10 year's imprisonment  on charges of treason.

Although more than 10 years have passed, only Keochav has been released. Another of the group - Khamphouvieng Sisaath - died in prison as a result of the harsh punishment inflicted on him by the prison guards.

The Lao authorities continue to be secretive about the fate of Thongpasseuth Keuakoun, Seng-Aloun Phengphanh and Bouavanh Chanmanivong. We understand the three men continue to be detained in Samkhe prison, the main detention facility in Laos, where conditions are known to be extremely harsh with poor medical care and food. Please download the file below for further information and suggested campaign letters.

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