Fun in the Park at Solihull on 20/09/15

Every year in September Solihull Soroptimists organise an event called Fun in the Park and every year Solihull Amnesty have a stand there to promote Amnesty and one of its campaigns. This year we chose Syrian Refugees.

We made this choice in July long before the events that are now unfolding all over Europe and the MIddle East were making the headlines. We decided to ask members of the public what item, precious to them, they would take with them in their hand luggage if they had to flee their home and country. We then asked them to write this on a paper 'suitcase' and we stuck it on our display boards.

The result was amazing . Everyone we stopped was sympathetic to the Syrian Refugees and all wanted the government to accept more refugees. Members of the group had long discussions on this with members of the public.

Most people had difficulty in choosing an item and their choices ranged from 'mother' (difficult to get in your hand luggage') to 'teddy bear' with the favourite being 'Family Photos'. We received choices from 75 members of the public but this was too successful and we ran out of the sheets that had the suitcases printed on them.

Do have a look at our photos of the stand.

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