Aug 16 2017 1:09PM
July MInutes

Please follow the link to see the minutes of the July Meeting of Solihull Local Amnesty International Group.

If you are interested in coming along to one of our meetings...

Aug 16 2017 1:00PM
New Date for Amnestea

Solihull Amnestea will be held at St Bernards Road on 20th August starting at 2:30pm.

May 29 2017 10:19PM
No Meeting in June, Date of AMNESTEA

Please make a note in your diary.

The Solihull Amnesty Group will be holding it's annual AMNESTEA in the beautiful garden of one of the members in St Bernards Road on SUN...

May 29 2017 10:13PM
Solihull Amnesty Group May

The group invited Chris Peel, the Amnesty Area Co-ordinator for Indonesia to come to talk to the group about the current situation in Indonesia concentrating especially o...

Apr 4 2017 11:06AM
Solihull Amnesty Group - March

Please follow the link below to read the minutes of the Solihull Amnesty Group March Meeting.

We reviewed recent events including the Solihull Annual Street Collection, l...

Feb 27 2017 8:41PM
Solihull Amnesty group February 2017 Meeting

On the 18 March the Solihull Amnesty Group will be holding its annual Tin Shake . This is one of the groups main money raising events. The money raised goes towards Amnes...

Jan 22 2017 3:35PM
South Africa Today - A talk by Dr Martin Deddicoat

Dr Martin Deddicoat worked for several years post Apartheid in different hospitals and different areas of South Africa.

Dec 18 2016 9:12PM
Write for Rights Campaign

On Monday 12 December members of the group asked people in Solihull town centre to join in the Amnesty Write for Rights Campaign and send a message of hope to the two cases which the group had sele

Dec 18 2016 8:54PM
Minutes of Solihull Amnesty Group November Meeting

The November meeting was particularly interesting as Councillor Max McLoughlin of the Green Party came to update the group on the plans and actions of Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council with reg

Oct 24 2016 5:23PM
MInutes of Solihull Amnesty Group October Meeting

Please follow the link to the minutes of our meeting and  learn of our plans for future events and campaigns.