Report: Hinxworth 2017 concert

Photo taken at Hinxworth Concert 2017: Simon Marlow (piano) and Kathryn Parry (violin)
Hinxworth Concert 2017: Simon Marlow (piano) and Kathryn Parry (violin) © unknown friendly photographer

Members of Amnesty International and friends enjoyed another wonderful concert in Hinxworth at the home of Frances and Simon Marlow; sadly, this year the weather was much colder than in previous years, thanks to the concert being in September, and it being a really cloudy and then rainy day. The first half, traditionally reserved for Western art music for violin and piano, showcased some interesting pieces: Jean Sibelius' Suite in E major, with a very demanding violin part, Olivier Messiaen's Theme and Variations (1932), 10 minutes of twentieth-century music which was a welcome counterpart to the other  works, and Maurice Ravel's well-known Violin Sonata No. 2 (1927). Simon Marlow (piano) and Kathryn Parry (violin) need to be congratulated for tackling this music.

In a break from the tradition of previous years, there was no interval, but after a short break, Sarah Hughes (voice), Tom Marlow (piano) and Loz Garratt (bass) performed a number of jazz standards, plus jazz versions of hits from musicals, including a memorable rendition of Garota de Ipanema ("The Girl from Ipanema" sung in Portuguese). Despite the cold weather, the audience went outside to tackle the wide range of tasty cakes with panache. Altogether over £1290 was raised for Amnesty.

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