Report: Afghan women's rights workshop - solidarity and lobbying

15 May 2013: workshop on Afghan women's rights
15 May 2013: workshop on Afghan women's rights © photographed by CG (2013)

Report of 15 May 2013:

Our group was very lucky to have Liz McKean talk about Afghan women's rights; Liz is Women's Human Rights Programme Director at Amnesty International UK. The talk charted the achievements and future opportunities of AI and other organisations in creating awareness about challenges to women's rights in Afghanistan, and what we can do to promote and protect their rights. Liz emphasised two important elements of the campaign supporting Afghan woman: showing solidarity with them, especially the activists and human rights defenders living in Afghanistan, and  lobbying our own MPs and other politicians. A video titled 'Afghanistan - young women for change' - see - gave a brief example of running such workshops. The group is hoping to organising a public event in November 2013 to raise awareness of various issues for women's rights. Watch this page!

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From our May meeting's minutes, here is Anja's report of this workshop:

Liz McKean gave a very informative talk about the AI campaign on Afghan Women’s rights. There have been gains , and many girls now attend school. The main concern is about the withdrawal of our troops and how it will affect women’s position if Afghanistan as conservative groups are still anti-women. The ‘Kites’ campaign was very successful and it is hoped that something similar can be done with the ‘purple finger’. MPs have been lobbied and 80 attended a meeting recently in Westminster.
This year the campaign will concentrate on peace and reconciliation, women’s human rights and representation of women at peace talks. Lots of lobbying needed, Baroness Warsi keen to help.

Liz then showed a part of a video which we may borrow to use at our public meeting. It was suggested that we make a banner with purple fingerprints to use at the meeting. Liz can help with finding speakers. 25 November was suggested for meeting about Violence against Women. Try to involve young people and youth groups.

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